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Internet In Rural Communities Is A Crucial Item

Posted by Rita Fender on June 21, 2013
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A recent Harris poll revealed that 42% of men in the United Kingdom rated having access to the internet as being more important than either food or shelter. But access for those living in rural America may be not only more important, but vital in order for these communities to thrive. The constant barrier, however, seems to be twofold: that rural communities are often located geographically far away from wired internet provider companies, making it expensive to build infrastructure and run cable to them, and they are sparsely populated, making the building of infrastructure financially non-feasible.

But those living in rural communities who are currently without internet access may have a ray of hope: the community internet provider. These companies, whose spirit of entrepreneurship created small communications centers in their communities to provide internet access to them have popped up over the years. Although small, these companies offer very affordable packages, and to wide areas of rural America.

However, it was thanks to help from the Universal Service Fund that allowed these companies to be created in the first place. The USF’s mandate, which involves the thinking that the country cannot prosper without everyone in it being connected by the internet, has many benefits to citizens. For one, it allows rural areas – the nation’s largest producers of food and energy – the ability to be connected with their urban counterparts and the consumers which reside there. This not only allows rural citizens to sell their wares to urban consumers, but also allows them to take advantage of the many online benefits enjoyed by urban residents, such as online learning and telemedicine.

An unfortunate truth is that cuts to the USF program are resulting in rural internet access rates being increased and the need for cost recovery mechanisms. Many experts are warning that internet rates could be double what they are now in the next two years if support doesn’t continue. And disaster could be the result for communities who are still relying on traditional phone lines for their income.

So what can be the solutions for communities like this if USF funding doesn’t continue? Perhaps some kind of policy which ensures that every American is connected by means beyond the traditional telephone line. And perhaps, also focusing on the progress that has been made by rural providers, and duplicating that success on a larger scale. It’s also being suggested that the focus be not on what will be needed to provide rural broadband, but what will be required to keep rural America connected and connected affordably.

Rural providers must also realize that they still have work to do. After all, more investment will always be needed, because internet service networks will always need to be upgraded, perhaps now more than ever. Broadband speeds are increasing, and so will demand for bandwidth. Experts stress that something must be done before the lack of funding results in a backslide into economic distress, which would be a shame, considering all of the progress that has been made to this point.

Internet Access Via Balloons? Project Loon Could Make It Possible

Posted by Rita Fender on June 18, 2013
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Hot off the press is an announcement by Google, made just yesterday, that would see affordable access to the internet being provided to remote areas not accessible by other land-based forms using helium balloons made of polyethelene film. The initiative, called “Project Loon”, has already had its first pilot test in New Zealand on South Island. The first test involved the launch of 30 balloons measuring fifteen meters in diameter. The balloons, which float up to twelve miles above ground are powered entirely by wind and sun, and can form a ‘sky network’ that communicates with other balloons that have been released.

This rather clever and delightfully simple initiative may offer a much more affordable way for internet companies to provide customers with wireless internet access via hotspots, because the time, money and labor previously needing to be invested in the building of signal towers would no longer be necessary. Of course, with this being only the initial launch, there are several connectivity challenges ahead, such as how to overcome geographical barriers like mountains and jungles. But once defeated, Project Loon could represent an entirely new way for those unreachable by traditional internet access methods to finally get connected to the World Wide Web. http://www.internet-serviceproviders.com/

Aspects Of The Best Free Anti Virus Software

Posted by Rita Fender on June 13, 2013
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There are lots of opportunities for computers users wanting to protect their computers to download antivirus software. But just because software is available for free, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s all the same level of quality. There are certain characteristics that good antivirus programs possess, and knowing what they are can mean the difference between a system that’s completely protected and one that’s vulnerable to hackers. Of course, most programs have automatic updating, which is crucial, especially for busy users who need to be able to set and forget some aspects of their software.

A good antivirus program is characterized by being easy to use, light on system resource usage, and quick to identify every threat that’s out there, even the newest viruses. If even the novices in your home can easily navigate through the different areas of your program, then you may have a winner. The same is true if your free anti virus software can run quietly in the background without affecting your computer’s performance. And any program that can scan the boot sectors of your system, in addition to allowing for the creation of emergency backups and heuristic scanning is worth being installed on your computer.

TV Via Internet Providers May Be Purchased By Popular Computer Company

Posted by Lori Singer on June 11, 2013
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A new TV service is allegedly in the wings, with a popular computer company at the helm. Intel is planning its own service which would require a set-top box, but that would offer both on demand and live programming to customers. However, the company has yet to close any programming deals. This is ironic, given that Intel has reportedly offered up to 75 percent more for the content it gets from media companies than cable companies are currently offering. Interestingly, parameters for content distribution have been established.

One plus of the Intel service is that it may allow customers to skip commercials when viewing a show’s first run. But although the new service may be unique, Intel is likely to pay a premium for media content, as the service is new with few subscribers. This is in contrast to cable companies, who have large subscriber bases and therefore can earn better prices on the content they desire to be able to offer their customers. The chipmaker to many internet providers and computer users has not yet announced how much customers would be paying for its Intel Media service, but it is predicted that this will be a premium, and hence a more expensive offering that what’s currently available via other channels.


Understanding Internet Safety For Kids

Posted by George Benson on June 09, 2013
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It’s called ‘digital parenting’, and it involves keeping kids safe when they’re online. Parents today have an arsenal of tools available to them when it comes to protecting kids. Monitoring software is one way a parent can see what their child is doing online. And there are many different types, from those which monitor keystrokes, screenshots and web sites to those which monitor activity on cell phones. The best part about most web monitoring options is that they offer invisibility; kids will never be able to tell that they are being monitored.

Parents should be aware that monitoring can have its disadvantages, especially if older children are involved. Today’s kids are more internet savvy than ever, and many know how to get around monitoring software. Should an older child discover that they’re being monitored, this could cause them to attempt to hide their activity as much as possible, which can mean they are at risk for getting into even more trouble. The best way to ensure internet safety for kids is to foster an environment of communication, create rules for internet usage and directions about what to do if a child encounters something online that makes them uncomfortable.