Just Where Are The Best Web Hosting Sites?

Posted by Rita Fender on May 29, 2013
Web Hosting

It’s hard to determine just how many companies offering web space claim to be the best web hosting sites for you, but the number could be in the hundreds of thousands. With all of those sites competing for your business, choosing the one that’s perfect for you can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Add to this that finding the right site takes time, and you could be looking at weeks or maybe even months before finding the right host. Before you begin, it’s important to understand that any good hosting company will offer you security from hackers and offer anyone who visits your web site the speed and reliability they expect.

Most web hosts come in two main flavors, which are dedicated and shared hosting. Dedicated hosting means that there is a computer reserved just for your business that stores all of your site’s files and content. As you may have suspected, dedicated hosting offer exclusivity. And that exclusivity doesn’t come cheap.

The next and probably most commonly-chosen scenario for most businesses is the shared hosting option, which offers one server for the storage of multiple business site owners. Shared hosting is much less expensive than dedicated hosting. Usually, blog sites and smaller establishments can benefit the most from shared hosting.

There are several tips to finding the right host for your small business. First, the features that are available with a host can be numerous. If you are hosting a blog or an ecommerce site, you may benefit from unlimited bandwidth and storage. The customer service of any host should be top notch. This can be determined by searching for customer reviews about that particular company. You may also want to check to see if any independent reviews were written, so that you can get an unbiased perspective on a company.

How reliable a host will be will depend on several factors. Again, researching companies is the best way to find one that can meet your unique needs. And reviews can once again be your friend by providing you with the reliability ratings of each company you’re considering.

Another way to find a good web host for your business is to be able to look ahead. Where will your business be over the next 2, 3 or 5 years? Will you be needing more space, or less? And what about bandwidth? Having this information on hand can help you to get a better deal on your services, and eliminate the need to switch providers at a later date, which may be very stressful if your site has a lot more content and other information than it used to.

Lastly, taking each declaration with a grain of salt is good advice given by many experts. Just because a host advertises 99.9% uptime, doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the reality. The same is true for some customer reviews, which may have been purchased. Using a site that has been dedicated to the independent review of web hosts may offer an alternative that allows you to see the ratings for several companies at one convenient location.

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