New Hosting Platform Introduced For Small Business Web Hosting

Posted by George Benson on June 20, 2013
Web Hosting

HostingCon 2013 is underway, and yesterday, a leader in the provision of cloud services and web hosting launched DV Managed, an affordable managed hosting solution that would serve small and medium-sized businesses, those who need this type of option the most, according to the company. The product will also serve those digital innovators who need a platform which will focus on servers so they don’t have to. The many exciting features of DV Managed definitely have gotten people talking, as they may very well set a standard for other industry leaders to follow.

One example is the product’s running of LAMP applications, which comes in at 25% faster than its previous version. As well, users of this version of the product can expect all of their maintenance and backup tasks to complete ten percent faster than before. Pre-loaded packages are another reason for buzz among small business web hosting customers, as DV Managed includes popular packages like Apache, MySQL, Perl, PHP and Plesk Panel 11. In addition, the product includes the promise of 99.999% server availability around the clock and year. DV Managed is only one of a number of solutions released by the company to improve the efficiency for customers.

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