Online Computer Backup And Security Worries

Posted by George Benson on June 17, 2013
Online Backup Sites

Despite the popularity of cloud services, there are still many computer users who are reluctant to take the plunge. They cite concerns about how secure their information is in this scenario. Some users worry that their cloud service won’t tell them if something has happened to their connection. But this is more unlikely to happen with technology that is constantly evolving. As well, if you already backed up your data locally on something like an external hard drive – which experts recommend doing – then a little hiccup in communication with your cloud provider will be no big deal.

The same is true when considering the theft of your data. While there are many victims who have had their data stolen, this doesn’t mean it will happen to you. But it also doesn’t mean it won’t, and so being prepared with two or more alternate locations where you’ve stored your data in addition to online computer backup will make it that much easier to restore if someone should get their hands on it. And with the recent NSA scandal, you may wonder if your data is being spied on. And the answer is to assume the answer is yes.

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