Preventing Failure When The Best Diet Plans Can’t

Posted by George Benson on June 12, 2013
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Contrary to popular belief, choosing a certain diet plan doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you will succeed. And yet, millions of Americans believe this. As a result, many of them fail. Diet plans are anything but a miracle cure for an unhealthy lifestyle; rather, they exist as the options available to you to begin living a healthier life. But only you can choose to do so.

Too many of us end up giving up on our hopes of reaching our ideal weight. And much of the time, this is because of the barriers that we create ourselves. Take our minds, for example. They are very powerful things, powerful enough to tell us we look terrible when we look just fine, or tell us that we are doing a bad job when we keep surpassing milestones.

The culprit, at least from the viewpoint of science, has been identified. It is the neural pathways in the brain. These are created when a particular thought is repeated several times. So if we’ve been telling ourselves for years that we are fat and ugly, this neural pathway would have been created long ago. And the longer ago a pathway has been created, the more difficult it can be to overcome.

The only way to change this is to create new pathways in the brain with positive thinking. Affirmations can be one solution. Try looking at yourself in the mirror, and telling yourself positive things, like “I’m losing weight and feeling better every day”, or “I am smart and beautiful”. Before long, you will not only be saying these things to yourself verbally, but non-verbally, or ‘in your head’ as well.

The journey to becoming healthier is a new start. But this isn’t always enough to stop us from living in the past. It can be easy to look at the person you once were, and criticize yourself for not living a healthier life sooner. But what’s done is done, and you can’t change the past, no matter how much you may want to. Choosing to look forward is one way to realize the success you’ve always wanted.

Being emotional is another potential pitfall. This is especially true if you tend to eat when life gets stressful. The trick to avoiding this pitfall is in realizing how much long-term weight gain and health risks can come from the eating you do to console yourself for the moment.  Another way to avoid stress or emotional eating is to find another activity which helps to alleviate that stress.

Relaxation techniques and meditation are both now being recommended by medical practitioners and the best diet plans as a complement to, and even a replacement for pharmaceutical medications. Just fifteen minutes of meditation per day can result in lower blood pressure and far less stress on the body.

Ridding yourself of the belief that you are doomed to be overweight due to family history is yet another pitfall. While you may have inherited certain traits from your parents or grandparents, you may not necessarily be predisposed to an inability to lose weight or the development of disease.

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