Renters and Homeowners Insurance Coverage: Caring for Your Property

Posted by Lori Singer on March 20, 2013
Homeowners Insurance

While we would all wish our homes would never see any damage befall them, there will be instances where such calamities can arise. No matter how serious even the most responsible homeowner will be, accidents can arise. One thing about a homeowner though is he/she will definitely not be negligent with the property he/she owns. The same cannot always be said of renters. When you rent out a home to someone else, you do have to be wary of the damage they can cause to your property.

bus4A good policy offering homeowners insurance coverage can offer a decent amount of protection against  any damage that befalls the home. Do you really want it to come to that though?

In other words, you might be able to reduce the need to even look for a policy that covers serious damage caused by tenants if the renters are responsible persons. It is always nice to be trusting, but you also be have to be careful who you trust with the care of your home. Renting to tenants that do not respect your property can cost you a lot of money.

There are a few things that you have to be aware of and these things would include:

  • How much income the tenant makes
  • Prior rental history
  • Credit checks
  • Personal and professional references

Basically, you want to be sure you are renting to someone that is responsible and can afford the rent. Does this seem like a lot of work? Actually, you do not even have to take on such responsibilities on your own. There are services that can handle such tasks for you. For a modest fee, tenant screening services will be able to handle these responsibilities.

One responsibility you cannot delegate to others would be acquiring the right amount of homeowners insurance coverage. Since the protection of your home is on your shoulders, you will want to contact a insurance company that can offer you the very best policy.

The coverage should cover any damage to your home and also any injuries that might be incurred by those residing in the home. If you are unsure about what kind of coverage you require, a broker from the insurance company will be more than willing to help you make the right decision.

The key point here is you do need to take the steps to make sure you rent to a responsible person. You also must do your own responsible part and acquire the right homeowners insurance when renting. These are two common sense approaches most will agree must be taken.  Learn more on the topic at

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