Understanding Internet Safety For Kids

Posted by George Benson on June 09, 2013
High Speed Internet

It’s called ‘digital parenting’, and it involves keeping kids safe when they’re online. Parents today have an arsenal of tools available to them when it comes to protecting kids. Monitoring software is one way a parent can see what their child is doing online. And there are many different types, from those which monitor keystrokes, screenshots and web sites to those which monitor activity on cell phones. The best part about most web monitoring options is that they offer invisibility; kids will never be able to tell that they are being monitored.

Parents should be aware that monitoring can have its disadvantages, especially if older children are involved. Today’s kids are more internet savvy than ever, and many know how to get around monitoring software. Should an older child discover that they’re being monitored, this could cause them to attempt to hide their activity as much as possible, which can mean they are at risk for getting into even more trouble. The best way to ensure internet safety for kids is to foster an environment of communication, create rules for internet usage and directions about what to do if a child encounters something online that makes them uncomfortable.

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