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Chicago Homeowners Insurance and the Issue of Premises Liability

Posted by Rita Fender on March 03, 2013
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The city of Chicago can be among the most thrilling cities in the United States in which to live. It is a major metropolitan area that is home to all manner of history, arts and entertainment. This is why so many will be willing to purchase a home in the area. However, with the purchase of a home in this area comes a great many additional responsibilities. For one, Chicago is a major city and that means there will be a lot of people walking in front of your residence. As such, you really do want comprehensive homeowners insurance that also extends to the property in front of your home.

Yes, premises liability can (and does) extend to the front of your home. This is why so many steps have to be taken in order to protect yourself from financial liabilities. Once such way would be to work with a Chicago homeowners insurance broker that can provide you with a policy that offers the most blanket coverage available. And yes, this also extends to expansive premises liability.

Among the worst shocks a homeowner can face would be a civil lawsuit based an accident occuring in front of the home. A common incident would be when the sidewalk is cracked and someone slips and falls. A fall onto the concrete can lead to severe injuries and, yes, there will be severe liabilities placed on the shoulders of the homeowner. Although the homeowner might not have known the condition of the sidewalk was so bad, it is still the property of the homeowner. Hence, the person that owns the home will be responsible for any injuries that result from the poor condition of the sidewalk.

Homeowners also have to be diligent in terms of taking steps to care for their property when the weather is bad. For example, if it snows a great deal and the front of the home presents a hazard, it will be up to the homeowner to clear away the snow and ice. However, if the homeowner is not able to and an accident results, liability can fall on the shoulders of the homeowner.

The liability costs that can be incurred are significant. Imagine having to pay $25,000 in a judgment on top of any court costs that are incurred. Not very many people would want to absorb such a financial hit. However, this will be the case when you are not properly covered by a liability policy.

Among the most aggravating scenarios would be having homeowners insurance in place, but it turns out to be an inadequate amount of coverage. The obvious reason why this is so frustrating is because you assume your policy was offering you the best amount of protection when it really did not.

Such a scenario is not an unavoidable one. Discussing your options with a Chicago homeowners insurance broker might very well set you down the path to getting the perfect policy that affords you a high degree of protection for your home and assets.

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